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Is Pilates right for seniors?

Pilates are a great way to stay strong and flexible. One of the biggest exercise trends of the last 20 years is Pilates – not least of which is because it is an excellent, low-impact way to build strength and increase flexibility.

Regular practice can help to prevent injuries by providing a workout of both major and supporting muscles and improve the efficiency of muscle action. In addition, Pilates can help you to improve or maintain your posture as you age.

Workouts can be modified for all fitness levels, from top-level athletes to individuals undergoing serious rehabilitative therapy. In fact, many physical therapists incorporate Pilates movements into their patients’ rehabilitative work.

Similar to Yoga, Pilates is a series of discreet exercises that together address the health of your whole body. Unlike Yoga, in addition to doing Pilates on a Mat, many Pilates exercises are done on machines, called apparatus, that assist in increasing your body’s strength and flexibility. Some of the most popular apparatus are the Reformer and the Cadillac.

You can sign up for a Pilates class or take one-on-one lessons for a more individualized workout. Classes normally last about an hour and include around 15 students. Pilates classes are often available through a local gym, or you can look for a stand-alone Pilates studio, which will give you a wide range of teachers, classes and formats to choose from.

To find more information about classes in your area, contact your local area gym, or locate a class through the Pilates Near You website:

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