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Staying Socially Active During Your Retirement

All your working life you have saved money and dreamed about retirement. For many years your job has taken up most of your time. The social engagement you attended, along with fun activities, evolved around work. Now that you are retired, or close to that age, what to do during retirement to stay active is going to be an important aspect of your life.


With a lot more time on your hands you can plan for a continual social engagement that gives your spirit a lift and your mind a work out. Volunteer several hours a week or more in places that interest you, such as local libraries, museums, churches or nursing homes.

Get to Know your Neighbors through Walking

Walking is healthy for your body. It helps to keep your heart strong, muscles toned and balance normal. One of the major health concerns for seniors is falling. This is where broken bones can really affect your retirement life. Walk for success in being an independent woman for years to come.

Another positive attribute of walking is that you will meet people in your neighborhood. It can result in having a new companion. In other words, if anything goes wrong there will be a friend close by to check on you.

The YMCA is a great place for senior women and or their partners ages 63 and older in staying health by engaging in physical and fun activities.

Short Road Trips with Friends and Family

The AARP has many safety tips when planning short road trips for senior women, with an amazing amount of tourism information in your specific area. They also offer many discounts for hotels and diners. Plan enjoyable site-seeing destinations that correspond with your budget and health needs.

Think Healthy and Unravel those Holiday Blues

Holidays happen all through the year. It is important to stay active and enjoy them. If volunteering, join in their holiday social engagement. If this is not for you, plan fun activities that remind you of its true meaning. For example, if you bake treats, take a container to the park and share with others. Dress up in your holiday clothes and go window shopping. It does not take money to do the things that can still make you happy and have fun. Stay engaged in a social climate instead of sitting at home alone.

Know Your Body: Physically and Mentally

Ask your doctor questions about your health. Be proactive in your own medical care. Talk to her or him about what your physical and mental capabilities will be leading up to the next 20 years or so. Plan accordingly so that you will know what to do during retirement to stay active.


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