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Mobility in Retirement

Retirement mobility is very important for extending you lifetime and proper health.  Here are \ sections you need to pay attention to prior to retiring and during retirement.

Home-based Mobility:

67% of retirees wish to remain in their home well into their retirement.  You worked very hard to pay off your mortgage, why not live in it for as long as possible?  It is important to know about Universal Design for Homes. 

UNIVERSAL DESIGN is a term for making your home age-appropriate and accessible as you age, such as removing steps and converting them to easy ramps/grades or changing up the door knobs to be easier to open/close.

Action Required!

Tom, do you feel comfortable about your mobility readiness?


Question? Talk to a Universal Design Expert?

Andrew Smith
Retirement Specialist

Lief Larson
Retirement Specialist

Chirag Pancholi
Retirement Specialist


31% of injuries in home for retirees are due to getting in and out of bathrooms and taking showers/baths.    Most bathroom modifications cost between $10 – 16K per bathroom.

Outside of home mobility

Having the strength and agility to enjoy your retirement means having a great cardio-vascular and musculo-skeletal capacity.  Remember retirement will be over 14+ years for you!  Here are some thoughts on finding the right fitness program. 


There are a number for fitness experts and locations that are near your zipcode.  Ask out about senior discounts. 


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