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Medicare and Advantage Plans

What is Medicare? 

Medicare is a federally-funded program that helps people age 65 or over manage their health care costs.  Based on your birthday you need to sign up Medicare/Advantage by Jan 29 2020.

Medicare Parts

There are four components to Medicare coverage, which you should consider based on your personal eligibility:

  • Part A – Hospital Insurance: Part A provides you with coverage for inpatient stays, hospice care, and possibly home health care.

  • Part B – Medical Insurance: Part B covers outpatient care, preventive testing and treatment, medical supplies and some doctors’ appointments.

  • Part C – Medicare Advantage: Part C provides an alternative to Parts A and B, which are insured by the federal government. Medicare Advantage insurance is provided by private insurance companies.

  • Part D – Prescription Drug Coverage: Insurance companies offer coverage for prescription drugs that Medicare-enrolled patients need, which are not covered by Parts A and B.

Action Required!

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Ready to talk to a Medicare Expert?

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