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We started this company when our dad was caught flat-footed for retirement after being laid off from his 42-year career in corporate America.

With little preparation and no notice, he was scrambling to understand how to retire.  It took over 7 weeks and hundreds of hours to help with transition, impacting all of his children and spouse.  As a rheumatic sufferer, he has special healthcare and mobility needs and we were all working to support him.  That is when we knew others had similar problems.  We aim to solve that problem for free to all who need it.

Our mission:

  • To help people with the steps needed to retire quickly and confidently

  • To help those entering retirement to prepare to enjoy their lives

What we will not do:

  • Fill you with junk information

  • Sell you things you don’t need

  • Create confusion

  • Waste your time

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